I’m tired

So I’m not sure how long this will be.

I was up late last night thanks to some random wrong numbers that took three attempts before they grasped they had the wrong damn number. I gave in and popped a sleeping pill.

Got the kids off this morning slightly behind schedule because I couldn’t get moving. Somehow Caleb made it with ten minutes to spare. The problem arose when we got to Emily’s school. Parking is just not fun. I got lucky and a 15 minute spot opened up, but it brought me to the realization that we need an aide that can meet Emily at the drop off area. This driving around in circles hoping someone pulls out isn’t working for me.

I got home and had just enough time to eat a few crackers and go to work. I was stressed beyond belief because I could only catch a 3 and a half block that wasn’t scheduled to end until 1:45. Caleb gets out at 1:55.

I prayed for an easy route. If I don’t get apartments, I can easily be done in an hour or an hour and a half. Apartments would mean I’d be working until the last second and would most likely have to abandon deliveries, pick up the kids, and then complete the job.

I had a unicorn route. Five minutes from the center, all houses, no access issues, and done in under two hours. I was so relieved. I had just enough time to come home, change, and pick up the kids from school.

I had another block scheduled for tonight, but I let that one go. I’m just too tired.

Tomorrow is laundry and early out. I hope to get Emily into bed at a decent hour tonight and get some much needed sleep.

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I’m stuck at the dealership

So why not blog? My baby is getting her first oil change and tire rotation. I got the basic service plan when I bought her and that covers all her oil changes and rotations. Having a leased car it just made sense.

What stinks is that now I’m here for about an hour and a half. I have so many other things I need to be doing, but since I rely on my car for my job, keeping her properly maintained is important. I had been getting a lot of bitching that I was overdue for an oil change, but turns out, I’m two hundred miles under the suggested mileage. Score one for Ange.

I worked much of the weekend. Two shifts on Saturday and due to an apartment run yesterday, just one. I could have squeezed a late shift in, but my legs were done after all the stair climbing. It had been several days since I’d worked so I knew it might be that way.

So far today I haven’t been able to catch a shift. The earliest that popped up was 11 and would take me past the time of school pickup. Now that the oil change is taking a bit longer than I planned, I don’t see me picking one up until perhaps after school.

I want to get home and do a quick pick up. Emily thought it would be fun to empty her shelves and spread her games all over. I figure an hour of concentrated cleaning and the house will be back to perfection.

I am a bit angry today. I don’t know why. I just know it’s a Monday. Lol

Emily managed to sneeze in my hair twice today while I was putting on her shoes. I couldn’t find the blender to make Caleb his much desired smoothie. Somehow Emily spilled something on her shirt between the house and school. She had nothing with which to do that, so I have no idea how that happened.

It’s just a Monday. I’m sure my mood will improve as I get things marked off my to do list. I just feel overwhelmed and I hate that feeling.

I am having fun listening to this dude bitching about his car and the piss poor service he has been getting all these years. I feel like saying; take it somewhere else ya whiner. I won’t, but it might make me giggle.

Caleb spent the weekend scootering. It makes my heart so happy to see him reignite that passion. He even plans on attending Woodward in February. It’s been a few years since he’s been to scooter camp.

School seems to be going well for him. He says he is enjoying being back in a typical school and he seems to be keeping up with his work. His only complaint is PE and all my kids had this coach so I know how it goes. He loves to make them run. They will run a minimum mile each day. Every kid hated it so I told him just do your best and don’t let it bother you. I don’t expect him to be a cross country runner so as long as he does his best, I’m good.

Emily, is as always, loving school. I think her teacher has finally learned how to take me and doesn’t see me as some mean parent. She has made some new friends and I’m thrilled that for the first time in three years, she is not the only girl. Girls actually outnumber the boys 7-3. I like her getting girl time.

I guess that’s all from my world.

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Last night I went to bed immediately following Big Brother. As I’m waiting for Emily to crash out, I did the same. I’d say it’s safe to say we were both asleep by 9:15. Pure bliss until…

I keep my phone next to me because it’s my alarm. I have it set for “bedtime” at 10. At 9:45 it starts to vibrate and wakes me up. I check to see if it’s a text message from one of the kids; it’s my stupid alarm letting me know it’s time to get ready for bed. I almost threw the phone. Once I was awake, I was awake.

At ten I took a sleeping pill because I knew if I didn’t I’d be up all freaking night. I paid for that decision today. I’m stressed out and cranky. The pills do that so I do my best to not take them unless I just can’t sleep. I think it might have been better had I just stayed awake. I’d be tired, but I wouldn’t be fighting the affects of the pill. Thank God for Ativan. It’s the only reason people are still alive.

I picked Caleb up from school and since he hates school lunch and doesn’t want me to pack him a lunch; he often gets out hungry. Once a week I will take them for something after school. We go pick up Emily and she, as always, wants McDonalds. Caleb wants In and Out. The In and Out is just a minute away from the new house.

Sounds easy. It wasn’t. We first go to McDonald’s because it’s right down from Emily’s school. I can see the empty drive thru as I’m making the turn towards the building. In the ten seconds it took me to make the turn, seven cars come from nowhere and fill the drive thru. It was like watching a clown car unleash 20 clowns. 😱😱

I should have known this wouldn’t end well. Thankfully the people that work at this particular one are great. They are friendly and fast. We got in and out pretty easily. It turned ugly when because for my brain fog, I did not get on the local highway and take that route to In and Out. Instead I headed towards our house with the intention of taking the back roads. Stupid mistake.

I hit every.single.light and I swear they added a few while I was at McDonald’s. It took us 20 minutes to drive about four miles. In and Out is always busy. We finally get there and the line is wrapped around the building. Finally get his food and make it home. I left to pick them up at 1:30. Emily gets out at 2:15; we walked in the door at 3:15. An hour to drive four miles. I am not doing that again.

They ate and Caleb wanted to go to Youth Venture. Yes!!! Grab that scooter and lets go. Seeing his passion start to grow again with his sport of choice makes me smile. Rumor has it he’s going back to where it all began; Clairemont. His dad mentioned it to me yesterday and Caleb confirmed. They will be going over to spend the day on Saturday.

I still love my new house. I mean I really love this place. The kids are so happy. I’m beyond happy. God gave us the perfect home for us. I can see us here for many years to come. I can’t wait until it’s cold enough to build a fire in the fireplace.


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Brain drop

The kids went back to school today. I was able to go get laundry done and almost put away before time to pick them up. Wednesday’s are early out days so I knew I wouldn’t have time to do a ton.

There is a lot swirling in this head of mine, but I need to find the time to think and write it carefully. Today is not that day.

It has been an absolute beautiful day weather wise. I think it’s in the mid 80’s and the house is getting a cool breeze blowing through. I am so ready for cooler weather.

I might work tomorrow or I might take another day off. I haven’t decided yet. I know I need to work, but my mind is enjoying this break.


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I plan…

And God laughs.

Today I made the decision not to work. Seven straight days plus the fact that I moved just the weekend prior and I had reached my limit. This house needed attention. Instead of getting out and doing laundry, getting the oil changed, etc; I woke up to two kids sick as dogs.

Caleb threw up at school yesterday, but the nurse told him it was simply the heat and sent him back to class. She and I will be having a discussion soon since she didn’t even bother to call me. If it was the heat; which based on this morning; it was clearly not; I still needed to be called. I think it should be my decision if he needs to be picked up or not.

He didn’t want to eat dinner and took a very long nap when he got home, so I kind of knew something was up. Sure enough, he woke me up a few times in the night letting me know he was sick. Emily joined the party early this morning. So, no laundry or oil change for me. I am housebound.

I took the opportunity to get Emily’s room finally unpacked. I put her books away and got her stuffed animals and dolls out of the boxes and on a shelf. Finally her room is complete. I moved on to my closet next. I put the blankets that had been tossed in there a week ago, in the hall cabinet where they belong. I got my shoes organized neatly instead of tossed into a pile, and swept and mopped.

The kitchen counter was my next obstacle. All the things that were waiting for a place to call home have all found said place. I once again have a counter. I took the few odds and ends that had been sitting in the corner of the living room out to the laundry room/storage area. I swept and mopped in here.

All that was left was the big box of pictures that I needed to hang, but didn’t really have a place to do so. That’s when it hit me; photo albums!!! Yes, I’m going back in time and putting all these pictures into a photo album. I wanted to get rid of these frames and this way; I keep my pictures and don’t have to deal with hanging them all and having a ton of mismatched frames.

I found one on Amazon and it will be here tonight. I also found some small trash cans for the bathrooms. Finally I feel like I’m getting some much needed things completed.

My hope is that whatever this stomach bug is it passes quickly and they can go back to school tomorrow. Laundry needs to be done and I really need to have the oil changed. I also want to spend tomorrow putting the pictures in the album so I can get rid of this last container.

Not quite two weeks and this place already feels like home. We are so happy here and I’m so thankful God saw fit to allow this to happen. I could not have asked for a more perfect house.

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Seven days…

I mentioned earlier that today marked my sixth straight day of work. I lied. It’s the seventh. I pulled two blocks on Labor Day. No wonder I’m so freaking tired. I moved all last weekend and still pulled seven days of work. Some days at both jobs.

I’m scheduled tomorrow, but I am taking the day off. I need to get the oil changed in my car, do some laundry, oh, and unload those two containers in Emily’s room. Those are the last two boxes to be unpacked. Maybe then I’ll feel like I’ve done enough.

Its been a rough few days. I’m giving myself a mental break.

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Since a week before the move, I feel like life has just been in constant motion. From working as much as possible, getting the kids ready for the first day of school, to packing; life was crazy.

The first week in the house didn’t seem to be slowing life down. I was in rehearsals and had performances three days this week. Plus I was still trying to fit some delivery time in. I finally hit a wall last night.

I was scheduled to work 6-9. After yesterday’s performance and running to pick up kids, grab something quick to make for dinner, and just trying to sit for five minutes; I was done. I forfeited the block and had a good cry.

Honestly, it was the best thing I could have done. Emily and I went to bed at 7:15. I was out by 7:30. I woke up at 5 this morning feeling like a human for the first time in a month.  I didn’t fall asleep on my way to work like I did yesterday. I made it through the entire performance without needing a Red Bull. I even came home and emptied another box.

Yes, I still have packed boxes. I’m trying to make myself unpack at least one per day. Tomorrow after work I hope to finish unpacking Emily’s room. I might not get there, but that’s the goal.

I have one more performance on Monday and then that job is done. I want to take Tuesday off and then get back to full time delivery.

Life is boring. I’m okay with that.

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